Train Your Dog The Right Way


Dogs are men’s best friends. Therefore, it is so easy to feel love and care for these furry animals. Nowadays, it is so easy to own a dog. You can either buy a puppy from a pet store or receive it as a gift from a loved one. Ironically, caring for a pet dog is not as easy as owning one. This reality is only realized once the pup breaks every furniture at home or soils at every corner of the house. At this point the dog owner will no longer find the puppy cute; hence will think twice about caring for it. It is really a big responsibility.

– Stop praying for a miracle to happen, as your dog will not teach itself to behave. Your dog must be taught how to behave. If you do not have the patience to train your dog, it is not yet the end of the road for you. If you cannot do it, then hire someone who can!

– We can help you! We have all the solutions to your dog problems. We can train your dog to relieve itself only at a specific area. We can train your dog to not nibble on the legs of your furniture. We can teach your dog not to break you shoes to pieces. We can teach your dogs to be a great guard dog. The list is endless. We can basically train your dogs to do just about anything you want them to.


As a busy business owner that has a dog, that happens to be a close friend, I tend to be very busy out there with my business. when i come back home i am delighted to be with my friend, but not so much when he pulls some tricks on me. after sending him to carl, i am truly happy to say that me and “suge” have an even better relationship now, thanks to carl and his great crew. highly recommended.

Benjamin Nave, Modiin Plumbing

All of our dog trainers are trained by the excellent trainer, Clark Rasmussen. With over 10 years of experience as a dog trainer, Clark used to practice his profession in Dakota, USA and is now residing in Israel.

  • Clark’s experience as a dog trainer spans from just teaching basic dog behaviors to training champion breeds for competitions and dog sports.
  • Aside from training dogs, Clark Rasmussen is also an expert breeder. He has a good eye on which dogs to mate in order to breed good lineage of puppies.
  • Lastly, our company offers board and lodging for dogs that will be left behind by their masters who need to travel for a few days or weeks. We vow to care for your dogs and give them its much deserved care and attention.

Are you now interested in transforming your scruffy puppies or dogs into a behaved canine? Do you want to mate your dog with a better pedigree? Are you looking for a place to leave your dog while you are out traveling? Then check out our website for further details on the professional services that we offer.