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While growing hemp is still illegal according to the federal government, states have been given the go-ahead to legalize it or not in their own state for some time now.  States in which it is legal to have their own parameters and red tape to go through and licenses to obtain but if it is legal on a state level, growers can turn a hefty profit.

What does that mean for growers and investors?

It is a governmental loophole.  Basically, it means that at any time, the president can enforce hemp growing as a federal offense leaving all of the legal growers out there financially ruined or worse, in prison.  That makes it risky of course but hoops and loopholes are a part of this business and when it is successful, it makes it worth the risk.

While legalizing hemp and marijuana is growing in popularity, due to proven and suspected medicinal value, the current industrial uses for hemp make it a valuable crop to grow and invest in.

It is not without its non-legal risks as it is a crop and when growing anything, weather and the cost of supplies must be accounted for.  This typically means that loans are taken out, property borrowed against, and sometimes just a year with random weather can derail the best grower.  Business owners do not go into business thinking that they will end up losing their shirts, but times do get tough.

Financial woes do not have to get so bad that there is no recovery from economic crisis and that is what a debt going to collections can do.  It has an impact on your credit and lurks on your credit history for at least seven years.  It may make it harder to extend a current loan much less negotiate terms on a new one.  The fact is that the way many collection agencies conduct business is ineffective for something as potentially volatile as hemp.

Cannabiz Collects is different because it is a collection agency dedicated entirely to the business of cannabis.  They can help you collect your monies in a way where you get paid and the grower can do business again.  This allows you to keep ties strong so that once they get back on their feet, they can come to you and you can profit together again.

If you start the loan process off the smart way with Cannabiz, preliminary things like background checks and financial advising will be in place from the start of the loan.  By going through the same company and having continuity of care in regards to the mountains of paperwork, there is less legwork to be done if collections are necessary.

Paperwork being filed correctly in the beginning stages can prevent collections as a result of the improper filing of forms and applications requisite to begin the hemp growing process.  Because the legality of growing hemp varies from state to state having attorneys licensed in all fifty states under one roof makes things a lot smoother at all stages.

Do not be afraid to invest in hemp growth, but go about it in a smart and methodical way with a company that knows what it is doing.   Contact Cannabiz Collects today.


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